Treatment for Addiction to Gambling

Problem gambling causes emotional, family, legal, financial and other distress for the gambler and everyone in the gambler’s life. Often, problem gambling and substance abuse interact and intensify each other. Approximately 100,000 people in Michigan have a gambling problem, yet only 1 out of 10 seek treatment. (Michigan DHHS Gambling Prevalence Report, 2014.) Most struggle alone without the benefit of professional help because they don’t where to turn, and their loved ones don’t know how to help them.

OAR Treats All Types of Problem Gambling

We provide professional services for both online and offline gambling, such as: sports betting, fantasy sports, casinos, or playing the lottery. OAR offers effective, confidential treatment based on the individual’s needs, from a specialized, master’s level therapist, trained for this addiction.

If you know someone with a gambling problem, have the conversation. Explain why you’re concerned and tell them about OAR. Give us a call and schedule a confidential assessment or learn how we can help.