Residential Aide Position

Job Title: Residential Aide

Reports to: House Manager

Job Purpose:

Provide oversight of and support to residential home clients.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Understand the rules and structure of the Residential Program.
  2. Is at all times aware of the activities and behaviors of all residents.
  3. Endeavors to create a harmonious atmosphere and establishes rapport with residents.
  4. Become more knowledgeable about the disease of alcoholism & drug addiction.
  5. Report rule infractions and questionable behavior. Document daily.
  6. Become familiar with and uphold the federal laws of confidentiality concerning substance abuse records and treatment information. Trained in HIPPA standards.
  7. Answer the telephone. If someone calls regarding resident, give no information. Tell the caller that you can post a message for “anyone who might respond.”
  8. Monitor residents’ coming and going on passes.
  9. Be aware of visitation policy and hours. Any visitor under the influence of alcohol/drugs is not welcome.
  10. Periodically take tour of the facility, observing activities and the behaviors and looking for any rule infractions.
  11. Collect urine specimens for drug testing and complete breathalyzer test for alcohol as assigned by House Manager, Residential Therapist or Program Director.
  12. If suspicious of any resident using drugs or alcohol, breathalyzer and complete urine drug screen and/or call House Manager.
  13. Become familiar with and follow the OAR ethics policy.
  14. Supervise residents taking their medications and document appropriately in the medication log. Note medication errors, late medication or missed medication accordingly.
  15. Provide transportation (If there is a house van) to 12 step meetings and emergency medical care if needed.
  16. In case of any emergency, call House Manager, proper authorities (police, fire, ambulance, etc.) or lead residents in evacuating premises if applicable.
  17. Conduct fire drills as directed by House Manager.
  18. Be familiar with all emergency procedures as written.
  19. All other duties as determined by the Residential Manager, Program Director and/or Administration.
  20. Lead NA/AA book readings during scheduled times.
  21. Stay current on all OAR trainings.
  22. Attend all scheduled RA meetings and staff trainings.
  23. Will agree to work at least one weekend per month and cover other RA shifts periodically, as needed.
  24. Will sign up to work a minimum of two Holidays per year.
  25. All other duties as assigned.


  1. High School Diploma or GED.
  2. Valid Driver’s License.
  3. Strong interest and basic knowledge of recovery issues.
  4. Sound judgment and decision making skills.
  5. Former OAR clients must wait at least 1 year after his/her file has been closed to be eligible for employment.
  6. Must be free from violent criminal history and pass a criminal background check.

Working conditions:
The duties of this position are primarily based in the residential facility, but may include travel to community locations and the OAR offices.

Working conditions:

  1. Able to sit for long periods of time.
  2. Reliable transportation for work-related travel.
  3. Able to bend, reach and lift 25 pounds.
  4. May be subject to random drug/alcohol testing.

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