Community Family Program

Addiction is a disease that affects every member of the family, as well as relationships between family members. Even if your loved one is not currently in treatment, OAR provides a variety of services tailored to the needs of your family, including: recovering family groups, individual family therapy, and phased intervention services. We also offer customized family educational opportunities.

If you are concerned about your child’s mental health, free screening are available for residents of Ottawa County. Please watch the video and connect with Ottawa County or your OAR therapist to begin the referral process

Confidential Family Assessments

At OAR, we understand that talking about family issues and relationships can be awkward, embarrassing and difficult, especially with someone you don’t know. During your first meeting with us we want you to feel comfortable and assured that you can trust us, and that everything you share will be kept completely confidential. Of course, if we don’t think we’re the best resource to help you, we’ll let you know right away and help you connect with resources and services better suited to your needs.

The purpose of this initial family assessment is to provide an opportunity for you to discuss your current situation and tell us what changes you’d like to see within your family. You’re welcome to include anyone in this meeting you wish. We’ll try to answer all of your questions, provide feedback on the information you provide, and offer a plan for turning the changes you want into a reality for your family.

Family Question-and-Answer Session

Each family is unique, so we’ll tailor your treatment plan to address the needs of your family. Often, family members or friends begin by scheduling a time to sit down with one of our family therapists for an informal question-and-answer session. If several family members have questions or are interested in learning more about addiction, we can hold this meeting at one of OAR’s offices. Following this meeting, many family members begin participating in our bi-monthly Recovering Family Group. To schedule an informational meeting, contact us.

Group Support for Families

Fall/Winter 20-21 Family Group Services

The Recovering Family Group is a closed group setting in which friends and members from several families learn about, and process, how addiction has affected their families. The group’s goals are to experience personal and family healing, to create or restore healthy relationships, and to offer friends and family members the tools they need to begin healing. The group will help you identify the strengths that exist within your family and show you how to build upon those strengths to create a healthier family environment. It’s a safe place to begin reclaiming what addiction has taken from you and your family.

Some of the topics addressed in this group include: codependency; communication; enabling; expectations in life and recovery; grief, loss, and blame; improving your physical and emotional health; relapse and triggers—yours and theirs; and the role of spirituality in recovery.

The Recovering Family Group meets bi-monthly on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at the OAR office located at 483 Century Lane in Holland. Please contact us for additional details before attending.

Individual Family Therapy

When a supplement to group family therapy is needed, OAR’s professionals will address the unique needs of your family experience by conducting individual therapy sessions with members of your family.


An intervention is a caring, deliberate, carefully planned approach for expressing concern for a loved one who is suffering from the disease of addiction. Unlike the confrontational, single-event interventions often portrayed in the media, OAR believes a phased approach that includes all interested family members ultimately produces better outcomes. In a phased intervention, we assess the needs of each family member in order to create a customized treatment plan and timetable for the entire family. To learn more about OAR’s phased interventions or other family services, contact us.