OAR provides residential treatment for adults at two gender-specific locations in Holland: The Chester A Ray Center for men and the Harbor House for women. Our residential program includes privileges and restrictions based on a system that takes several factors into consideration, such as the resident’s time in treatment, improvements in coping skills, and progress toward individual treatment goals.

Primary residential treatment is 6-12 weeks and is comprised of lectures, groups, individual therapy and recreation, as well as reading and writing assignments. Residents are responsible for participating in all treatment sessions and scheduled activities. The continued recovery period focuses on life skills development and relevant transitional issues. Each resident is expected to work toward transitioning back into the community by seeking employment, doing volunteer work and addressing housing issues. Those who obtain employment and/or volunteer work may be approved for an abbreviated schedule of required activities.

Criteria for Admission

To be considered for OAR’s residential treatment program, a candidate must:

  • Have a chemical dependency diagnosis
  • Have abstained from drugs and alcohol for a minimum of 72 hours prior to admission
  • Demonstrate positive interest toward recovery, and a willingness to attend AA and NA
  • Be in good health and free from any major medical or psychiatric complications that would interfere with treatment
  • Be willing to live in a highly structured environment

Priority Placement

Priority placement is given to pregnant women, women with children and those with Child Protective Services involvement.

Harbor House for Women

Harbor House provides full residential substance abuse treatment services for addicted women. The house, which was just recently renovated, was 100 years old in 2008.

Mothers with Dependent Children—Harbor House accepts mothers with infants up to 12 months old. Childcare is provided while mothers are in treatment sessions. Health services for mothers and their infants are coordinated with resources in the community.

Chester A. Ray Center for Men

Located in Holland’s Historic District, the Chester A. Ray Center offers full residential substance abuse treatment services for men.

Recreational Activities

OAR addresses recovery from addiction with a holistic approach. As part of this process residents participate in a variety of activities that provide positive experiences and promote healthy living choices.