Services for Women

OAR provides women and their families with access to support, treatment and therapy for substance abuse and mental health issues.We offer a wide range of specialized services, available through outpatient or residential treatment, and we can help remove barriers to recovery, such as a lack of transportation or other basic necessities. Our experienced staff members work with women, parents and children, and families, as they develop new skills, connections to the community, and support systems that serve as a source of strength and encouragement throughout the recovery process.

All of our programs include: services in a community-based setting, individual and family counseling, case management for families with children, referrals for outpatient and other specialized services, and coordination with community systems to address family needs. Women who are pregnant, have children, or are involved with child welfare are a priority for treatment. Enhanced women’s services are available for women who are pregnant or have an infant that is 12 months old or younger, and who used drugs or alcohol during their pregnancy.